About Oceanex

Oceanex Energy is an Australian company led by experienced Australian founders and international partners, progressing the development and construction of up to 5 offshore wind farms off the coast of Australia, which will provide a new source of large-scale, clean and reliable electricity that creates huge new investment, jobs and innovation opportunities, especially in key regional centres.

The potential of offshore wind is only just being realised and is seen as being critical to ‘energising the new economy’ of opportunities including hydrogen production, electrification of transport and reinvigorating manufacturing and other key industries.

As seen globally, offshore wind energy provides an incredible opportunity to maximise significant energy, economic and regional development benefits for governments, industry and regional communities for decades to come.

Oceanex Energy is excited to be at the forefront of bringing these opportunities to Australia and New Zealand.

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The Illawarra Offshore Wind Farm is committed to the sustainable development of a supply chain that optimises local regional capability and global experience to develop and deliver world-class, nationally significant projects of enduring benefit. We invite the local and global supply chain to register so we can get started. You will be the first to receive project updates and the opportunity to participate in shaping a NSW based offshore wind industry.